What You Are Supposed to Know Concerning the Cottonmouth Snakes
It is important to note that most individuals dread snakes even just at the mention of the word snake. One is required to have in mind that there are species of snakes that are quite dangerous although there are some that are not. You will realize that there is a way of classification that scientists use to do this. One is expected to understand that the cottonmouth snakes are common in Florida although there are parts of south-eastern USA where they are found. There are facts about these snakes that you need to have right. For instance, you will note that these snakes have mouths which look like cotton wool when they are open, and that is why they are even called cottonmouth snakes. It is also important to note that there are features and other details that can be used in describing the cottonmouth snakes. Here are more of the details. Read on  Cottonmouth Snake

First of all, the snakes are large in size. They range from two to four feet in size and the females are smaller than the male ones. It is important to realize that cottonmouth snakes and cats have eyes that resemble. You will also notice that that big jowls due to the large venom glands that they have. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to identify the cottonmouth snakes because they have a head that is big and triangular-shaped. It is essential to note that these organisms have small necks and thick bodies which are muscular.

You should also understand that they are dark brown to black in appearance and they are covered by ridged scales. It is also important to point out that they have stomachs which look pale when compared to the rest of the body. It is necessary to note that young cottonmouth snakes have more striking appear although this fade away with time. These snakes also have pits between the eyes and nostrils that can be used in sensing heat. It is necessary to understand that cottonmouth snakes commonly appear at night although they can attack any time of the day as well.

The snakes also eat almost everything near water bodies. It is essential to understand that these snakes like eating things fish, lizards, alligators, small mammals, turtles and amphibians. But it is essential to note that fish is the most preferred one. You are supposed to know that these species like staying in water and around the water bodies. You will notice that they like having their heads up when they are inside water, and they live near the surface. These snakes also know how to swim well, and they can pursue their targets easily through this. It is also essential to know that these snakes frequently mate in the months of spring. View  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ2l4owxC7s